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How To Harness The Power Of Social Media

Managing your own social media campaign can be a daunting task. We specialize in creating unique content to share on each social platform, building and maintaining customer relationships, gaining quality leads, and making your brand known in the social media world.

If you’re looking to expand your customer base and strengthen your relationship with your current customers or clients, it’s well worth ensuring that your business has a strong online presence. If you’re skeptical about the influence of social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, continue reading to discover the reasons why having a social presence is so important.

You’ll be able to use your accounts to post promotional content

One of the easiest ways to convince potential customers to purchase your products or services is to hold a promotion, such as a sale, one-off event or competition. However, contrary to popular belief you don’t have to produce an expensive television advert to attract attention, by simply posting information about a new promotion on your social media accounts, you’ll be able to reach a potential audience of thousands. As an example, you could create a competition, which offers Facebook users an extra entry for each friend, they invite to enter.

Social media accounts can increase your business’s reputation

One of the advantages of utilizing a site like Facebook is that your customers will be able to leave any comments or queries they may have on your public wall. If your customer service assistants, promptly reply to any comments which are left, your brand’s reputation will skyrocket as customers will feel confident that their business is important to your company.
Better yet, sites such as Facebook, allow users to leave reviews on your page. Should your business receive glowing reviews, you’ll be far more likely to attract new customers. If you’re looking to increase your following, try holding a competition, where customers receive an entry in exchange for an honest review.

The majority of individuals who have access to the Internet are signed up to multiple social media accounts

The average individual will check their social media accounts multiple times per day. With most people, using smartphones to check their accounts while they’re on the move. So you can rest assured that whatever information you post on your accounts, will be seen by more individuals than if you were to go to the traditional route and place flyer’s individual’s letterboxes or purchase ad space in a local paper.

You’ll be able to create hype around your products or services by encouraging customers to engage with your brand

As an example, you could run a competition where customers post a photo of themselves, with your product on Instagram or you could create a hash-tag, related to your brand and try to get it to trend. If individual’s think that it’s fashionable to be seen with your product, then they’ll be far more likely to purchase your products and to influence their social circle and acquaintances to purchase your product.
So if your business lacks an online presence, it’s seriously worth creating multiple social media accounts for your business as soon as possible. Better yet, within a few weeks of creating your social media accounts, you should begin to notice that your sales and profit will begin to soar, without having to invest large amounts of capital into a professionally produced, marketing campaign.
At Aim High Digital we will create all the social media accounts you choose or edit and manage existing profiles. We always follow best practices when creating pages on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. We will develop a visually pleasant and captivating social media presence for your company, and will enhance your profiles with techniques such as fan-focused content and seasonal messaging. We can optimize your profiles on the following platforms:
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